Make your relationships stronger


It emits the color indigo.

Saturn and Venus are friends. To escape from the problems of Saturn seek the help of Venus (Diamond).

To form a relationship Emerald is the remedy, while to solidify the relationship or make the relationship stronger Diamond, is the remedy.

Particularly in India, Diamond is given very much importance. Even during the marriage the groom’s side will give Diamond ear-ring or nose pin to the bride as it solidifies the relationship or cements the relationship. In any house, Diamond is a must as it strengthens the relationship.

For boys not yet married

It is a planet or stone for attraction. Whenever a male is not able to get married he has to take Diamond. Because he is not able to attract a female, he is not able to get married. His attracting power is increased by Diamond pills.

To build your charisma Diamond is the remedy. Thus, it is a boon for all actors and actresses.

Hair care

Diamond is the remedy for hair fall. It is not for old people but for the young who have got too much of hair fall these days.

It is also a good remedy for handling dandruff. Diamond along with curry leaves works well for dandruff. Also you can take the Batch flower remedy CRAB APPLE with that combination.

Skin care

Diamond is the very good remedy for skin diseases. For skin diseases Diamond and CRAB APPLE are to be given. Diamond is for beauty.

Eye care

For all eye problems you can take Diamond. If you go to an eye specialist take Diamond and automatically the diagnosis will be right.

Increase your creativity

To get a seat in interior decoration course, which is in great demand, give the student Diamond.

For Fashion designers, interior decorators and beauty parlor specialists, Diamond is very important. So for such persons, if Diamond along with Pearl is given regularly then their creativity will increase.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I want a stable career and to settle down with my life partner.Please guide me what should I do?I want success in both of these things.

  2. Puspavanu

  3. Naran sir,can diamond be chanted or a picture of diamond be kept with self to cure eye problems like stye,swelling, irritation in the eyes etc??I have been chanting the Lalitham mantras for a stye and it has restricted further growth.just wondering if I could also carry or meditate on picture of diamond alongside…pls advise sir….

  4. Rushrush,
    For the stye, add Holly crab apple pine also.
    you can meditate on diamond

  5. Thank you very much sir,have made a note of it….my stye went away within a day of chanting the Lalitham mantra…incredible…..!!since I have a recurrent problem of styes will try The abOve Bach flower remedy and gem therapy aswell and keep you posted……many regards…

  6. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a
    completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page
    layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  7. Anagha's Magic

    Hello Sir, i am having slight cough with itchy throat and slight white color phlegm. Can you suggest some switch word or gem remedy . I have been chanting Turquoise, pearl , walnut, crab apple.thank you

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