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  1. Suzanna Fernandes

    I want some assistance on my personal problems like health, job, I am very quarrelsome I get angry fas and as a result end up in trouble, torrelance is very low, no assitance from any family member, not married and I not able to save. I have to do all things on my own which vexes me a lot. Could you please suggest something.

  2. Good site and helps people on different aspects of problem,

  3. take the flower remedies, BEECH WILLOW WALNUT IMPATIENS CHERRYPLUM Three doses of three pills each.

  4. I want your help in problem Job security

  5. hi sir naran.i I read up that the emerald can help restore a relationship with another person.then this stone will help us to restart a relationship with someone who still love?thank you sir

    • ruben
      come out with details

      • naran I still love a woman who shared my life for 4 years.problems they appeared to be disappointed and feel attracted to another person.she gave me love and I can not believe it has completely disappeared.I read that a woman I work with emerald,I read that a woman I work with the emerald, brought back to her husband who had gone for 3 years without any contact with her.then we can restore a sense, love and nice and honest relationship with someone we have loved?

  6. ruben,
    chant CHICORY WALNUT to forget her.

  7. Sir please share if one must observe any guidelines to wearing gems or jewellery already with us. Is navratna/nine gems a good thing to wear at all times.

  8. Deepa,
    wear it when you go to attend any function

  9. You say to take blue or yellow sapphire pills…where can I get them?

  10. Dear Guruji,

    A friend’s sister, 35 year old is suffering from stage 2 womb or cervical cancer. Pleaee help her.
    Thank you. God bless.

  11. wkiong
    chant agrimony adjust together change now

  12. Arjun Shetty

    Hello Sir , I m small bussiness man i wore ruby my horoscope is leo born on july 12th 1986 8:45pm my problem no bussiness no peace of mind every going wrong in my life pls sujject me a good remidies to get of dis ……………………………….

  13. dear sir,
    You have suggested me to give “walnut,mimulus & larch” for my son who is not comfortable in going to school.Since i live in bangalore,i dint know where will i get the remedy.Meanwhile i was using circle method, which worked out a bit.But after lot of search i found out a homeopathy shop,where i got the remedies only in liquid form.

    But i dont know how i can use it.I tried giving 2 drops each in water,but when it smells my son finds it out and doesnt drink.

    Dear sir, please let me know the dosage of how to use it in liquid form..Will it work if i add it in milk?

  14. thank you sir…will do it..

  15. Dear sir
    I am well worried about my health I keep falling in illness such as body weakness .fever . Cold flu .and its been now over 2 years . I consulted to doc they says keep taking an antibiotics but I fed up with medecines kindly please suggest me some stones remedies which help me to stay healthy along with better future.
    Thanks a lot

  16. Hi Naran Sir,

    I have been heard about you and your blogs through one of my friend,Its so interesting and i started using switch words also to heal my relationship back for last one week.

    Switch word: : “Concede clear center find divine love with(whom i want to)”.

    Please help me to get my guy back in my life. Please help me sir.

    What i want to do exactly to get my love, just tell me ……he stopped talking with me now but i want to marry him,he means alot to me,he is leaving me because of his family situations.I want him badly and for past one year we were fighitng with each other,so many things happened but still i want him.i have tortured him alot by messages and continuous calls so he blocked me in all the ways.

    Tel me the solution with switch words/gem stones/release energy to get him back in my life.


    Hope i will get my guy back, definitely i will get him back but need him soon as i m 28 years old now. Please help me sir.

  17. hello I am a Sagittarius woman and I want to know what type of gemstone I should wear for wealth and financial success. Some people told me I should wear citrine since it is for money and it is my birthstone while others say I should wear yellow sapphire. Please help me thank you in advance

  18. Hi sir,

    I have tried many remedies to have a thick hair but in vain . Can you please suggest remedies for me to have or grow thick and healthy hair on my scalp .I dunt wish to take any pills .


  19. Dear Sir,
    This is about my brother, he has been trying for govt jobs and has taken many exams, although he passes with good marks but not getting nay calls. Please help me how to get him a job, i need a remedy which i can do on his behalf.



  21. Hi Naran Sir. I need some help regarding my brother in law’s job. He has been trying to get a better paying permanent job for 4 to 5 years but nothing is working. He gets called for interviews but after that no reply. As he is now over 40 years he feels that the age factor is also there. His brother in law has given him a blue sapphire to wear for job but honestly his brother in law does not wish well for their family. Also it doesn’t seem to be working as has now worn it for many many years but my sister and brother in law are still going through many difficulties regarding jobs. Is there any solution? Can my sister do it for her husband as he refuses to listen to anyone?

  22. Hello sir
    I had bought black tourmaline. It used to heat up in the starting and I could feel that it’s working. But now it has broken into pieces and doesn’t even seem to be working anymore.
    Should I bury it or charge it by sunlight or keeping it in water?

  23. I want to take crab apple and gem remedy diamond…how do I do that? I don’t understand an I suppose to buy the remedy if yes what exactly will be given to me?

  24. My boss is very arrogant and she cannot best me. I get no appreciation for my hard work. Neither the payouts of the company is good. Nor I am getting good job.

    Kindly help

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