Angel to remove darkness



  • Best-ever stone to transform negativity from the atmosphere and our auric field.
  • You can keep the stone next to you while lying in bed. You can place it in your chakras too.
  • For children, keep it next to them, while sleeping.
  • The beauty of the stone is, by taking in the negative, or unwanted energy from outside, it doesn’t get spoiled. It transmutes the energy. It will convert any energy to positive.
  • Along with TIGER’S EYE, It will change the evil-eye (to positive).
  • It is a best remedy for radiation, especially for Mobile/TV radiation. Keep the stone next to the TV. Then no radiation from TV will affect you.
  • If you are a heavy mobile user, keep the stone next to you at night and meditate. The entire chakras and auric field will get cleansed.
  • Keep it in your hand and talk to it. All you anger, sadness and other negative thoughts will be transmuted by it.
  • All the emotional toxins – and thoughts like “Something is blocking me”, “I am not able to move forward in life”, will be released.
  • It is the best cleansing stone without using water. It gives the effect at a deepest level.
  • When you get back pain, keep the stone in your back.

The beauty of the stone is it will transmute anything. So it will not contain any negativity at all.

In general, regarding quartz crystals, we will be talking about contamination. We don’t need to concern about such things regarding Black Tourmaline.

Anybody can touch it. Your stone can be used by others also. You can keep in the house, where you feel the adverse energy

The stone is available at the centre.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir, where to get the Gem Remedy BLACK TOURMALINE?

  2. Black Tourmaline truly is amazing! I have just got one for myself and anytime I have aches and pains in the body and I place it on the corresponding Chakra and pain is gone within few minutes!!! Overall too , I feel more energized with positivity , don’t feel dull specially due to the seasonal change . Another important thing I have come to notice is that I feel more safe and secure with my Black Tourmaline on me…. like when I am driving or working late hours etc. Cos of its ‘Feel Good’ factor, now I don’t like stepping out anywhere without my Black Tourmaline ‘Angel’…. and even if I do forget it, I can immediately sense that something is amiss & I am forgetting something 🙂
    Thankyou Naran sir for the infinite Divine help!

  3. Greetings Naran Sir

    Please can you provide a remedy for night mares in adults..Some are actually intimate.


  4. sir what is the price of black tourmaline stone thanks

  5. dear sir i crossed 31 year 32 running and i have flat breast i wanna C cup size boobs so soon who looks sexy & attractive & also want increase my butt also. pl help to give some chant or angel no. to develop my boobs & butt soon.

  6. Wht to do gor physical growth & height of my daughter

  7. Sir I am unmarried. I didn’t attend puberty. Going for treatment. I had relationship with relative who got married already and getting money from my mother emotionally and not taking care of me well. Selfish. I am depend ing on somebody in life always and not able to adjust with anybody. So much attachment and so much expectations and so much depression.pls help me some switchwords

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