The Mother’s Care


Though, PEARL looks white in color, the color emitted by it is orange.

Pearl represents the mind. It also represents the mother (inside us). If children does not listen to the parents means that the motherliness is less in us. So to improve the motherliness we have to take Pearl (remedy).

Pregnancy and Foetus Care

For infertility, Pearl works very well. But before that all your physiological problems has to be addressed first.

For easy and normal delivery of the baby, give Diamond, Yellow sapphire and Pearl. During the last three days before the delivery, Ruby has to be given. Do not give Ruby earlier because it will break the pregnancy, as the key word of Ruby is “Break”.

If the child has to grow well, give Diamond, Yellow Sapphire and Pearl, which will make the development of the foetus well. This combination can be given throughout the pregnancy.

When you are visiting the doctor for Gynecological problems take Pearl. Along with Pearl you can also take Emerald. Then, the doctor will diagnose rightly.

Relationship Care

To have a good relationship with your spouse, Pearl is the remedy.  To improve the relationship along with Pearl we have to take Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter) pills too.


If you find unenthusiastic take Pearl.

The oratorical skill can be developed very easily with Pearl.

To become popular you can take Pearl.

Creativity can be improved very easily with Pearl.

Health Care

Whenever there is severe throat problem you can take Pearl.

When there is fever too, Pearl can be given. When the temperature of the patient rises, if we give Pearl (pills or water) to the patient, then the temperature will come down.

When we have a constipation problem then our colon and intestine will be dry. Pearl can be very effective here as it increases the water element of the body. Thus, dryness is taken care of and the patient is able to pass the motion easily.

It is also very good for acidity and burning sensation in the stomach.

For piles, you have to add Red Coral to Pearl.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naranji,

    Thanks a lot. Divine grace. Daughter was suffering from fever and this article about pearl was an answer to that.

    U had suggested to chant Centaury Willow Pearl Yellow Sapphire as she was having cough, fever n cold. She was Ok then. Now fever has come back and i was hesitant to contact u on this again. Divine will u posted here. Thanks to u and divine power.

    Together Divine.

  2. Namaste Dear Naran Sir,

    I am Shubha a working professional and have been following your blogs for quite some time and have used your switch words for small instances.

    I am writing here to seek your help for me and my family members.

    Need your advise and help:

    I have been married for two and half years now. And we are 5 in the family.
    Parents-in-law, Sister-in-law (unmarried), me and my husband.

    And we are planning for the family way from past 1 and a half year. Both of us have got the tests done and everything seems to be normal for me but for my husband there was huge decrease in count during semen analysis and he is under medication for the same now.

    Doctor says that both of us are physically and mentally stressed out due to which this process is delaying

    Physical stress: Both of us work and are in different shift. I am in regular day shift and right now he is in night shift for next two months.

    Mental stress: My sister-in-law has undergone three major health conditions Pnemonia attached 3 times in a year, had a Fibroid surgery and few months later had Heart Enlargement and by gods grace she is doing well now and is still under recovery…and medication. And all these happened within a span of 2 years one after another.

    This was a huge concern and stressful time for all of us in the family.
    Kindly suggest the remedy which I can do on behalf of all my family members, so that we can move on to the family life and things work in a better way for us from there on.

    Thank you.

  3. Shuba,
    chant STAR OF BETHLEHEM ROCKWATER 100 times over a glass of common water and add it to the common drinking water

  4. Dear Sir,

    I need one help i am married & working girl in want to help my mom giving the amount. but i am helpless because my husband is not willing to give do you have any mantra so my husband can help my mom to give money

  5. Hello sir, i am married for 5 years , i have had 4 misscarriages , pregnancies doesnot stay longer than 7weeks, no issue yet.., also relationship with my husband and in laws is not good. Pls help.

  6. Where can I get pearl

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