Fix Your Pains and Aches

Knee problem

Nine Gems and Yellow Sapphire

Knees are connected with parents – Left knee for mother and right knee for father. If you a have a knee problem it may mean that you may have a conflict with your parent or repeating the mistakes of the parent. Whenever you have a knee problem, prostrate mentally to your father and mother and say thanks to them.

All types of headache except for headaches created by your better-half J

Blue Sapphire

Lower back pain

Nine Gems and Yellow Sapphire

During movement you get a joint pain

Coral, Yellow sapphire and Nine Gems

Joints aid

(Bach Flower Remedies) Rock Water, Hornbeam, Walnut, Cherry plum, as well as (Gem Remedies) Coral and Diamond

Joints problem

Like for example, shoulder joints and knee joints: Yellow Sapphire and Nine Gems.

For correcting the eye and for any bone disorders


Tooth problem or gum issues

Gargle with water filled with Blue Sapphire pills, after brushing your teeth. Every time you brush use it. To remove the teeth it is a must. Violet gets depleted when teeth are not doing well. Blue Sapphire will increase the violet color in you.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Mr.Naran,

    My father is suffering from lower back pain , past 2-3 weeks and the pain keeps shifting , sometimes in the shoulders, then again back ..

    What can I chant for him ? or can I take out a print out of 9 gems and yellow sapphire and write his name on it ??

    I am also keeping his name in left hand and chanting .. “concede clear centre cancel pain divine be ” ..

    please guide …


  2. shivi
    shifting pain means he has constipation and gas problem. correct it first.

  3. Thanks Mr.Naran, actually he already had a slip disk problem 10-12 years back , he is currently undergoing physioptherapy , pain is not going,.. in your mind body relation its mentioned .. if its a back pain .. its due to insecurity , fera in job , money.. i feel its nore due to that ..

    can u suggest something to chant for him .. ?

    Thanks for your helppp your site is really divine 🙂

    • SHIVI,
      GIVE him flower remedies chicory (nagging pain)gentian (back) two pills of each three times a day with a gap of five minutes between each remedy.

  4. Dear Mr Naran,
    I am suffering from Hital hernia.What can i do for it so that i can get rid of it. please help.

  5. What should be done for tightened muscles and also for weak muscles

  6. sir, i have been suffering from mouth ulcers severely not able to resist the pain inspite of taking medicines.

  7. vasantha
    Regularly take liver tablets. one Tablet in the morning on empty stomach and after each food.Take one tablet of Riboflavin also after every food

  8. Pranam Naran air
    My daughter is 3.5 years old but not started talking yet. She is just saying pa pa or la la not papa but when she is playing. If we ask her to say or reapear anything she just smile and run. Plz 🙏 help air

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