Increase Your Attraction Factor

Pills are available for all gem remedies including hair growth

Beautiful skin

Diamond (Venus)

Hair growth

Agrimony, Crab Apple, Curry leaves

Looking smart

A patient asked me, “Will my eyes get beautiful? My eyelashes have to be prominent. Will my skin glow?” It can happen, provided she takes Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple and Gem Remedy Diamond.

Increase your attraction

Diamond is the stone for attraction. Whenever a male is not able to get married he has to wear Diamond. Why he couldn’t attract women? The indigo color is less in him and therefore his attraction is less. It can be increased by Diamond (pills).

Getting popular

You can become popular in the place, where you are working: Pearl

Fame and to be a Leader


Skin diseases

Diamond is good to handle skin diseases when taken with Crab Apple.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir kindly advice your Precious method for healing. Overy cysts. The 25 year girlk whose one Overy has been removed due to tumor in her right overy and cysts are fouNd in left overy
    can her mother and ……motHer iNlaw chaNt for her . ?please reply sir

    Thanks SNM

  2. SNM
    chant BLUE SAPPHIRE.
    pray to sun god,”sun-god, please send the solar healing rays on —–(name of the person) to disintegrate and expel the undead cells of the ovarian cyst.” Pray once and visdualise solar rays healing her. she will be alright.

  3. Dear Sir,

    If we can’t get the pills, can we just write the names of the pills on paper and keep it against our skin esp for those for skin diseases?

    Is it also possible for hair growth or being popular etc?

    Many thanks


  4. SNM
    her Mother and Mother-in-law can chant for her.

  5. Dear Sir Cysts have been dissolved.Thank God.May Dearone have healthy Life and Positive Vibration by the Grace of Lord SUN.

    • SnM
      continue the healing in a different way. “sun god, please send the solar healing rays that align every organ every cell of my body to DIVINE ORDER. Visualise the rays filling up the entire body. thank the sun after 5 minutes and come out of thsSolar meditation.

  6. Naran ji
    I want to chant for my husband health especially for heart health?
    Also tell me if we want to write flower remedy name for others then how to write and is any particular number of times?


    • chant OM VAJRESWARYAI NAMAHA for your husband.
      write any number of times. Think of the person and write the names.

  7. Dear Sir,

    In case of Gem remedies, I am told not to have a diamond as it does not suit me or my husband. If I wear a diamond or have a diamond, I will loose all the property or wealth accumulated with us.
    Now, for attraction purpose, I want to buy a diamond as a gem remedy, what shud i do.

    Please suggest.

  8. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please suggest what I need to do for improving my complexion on face, hands and neck. My problem is my face and hands are dark but my whole body is very fair. normally people will have fair body but their body color and face color will not have much contrast. but for me there is total contrast. Please help me.


  9. what is the gem remedy for a girl to get marry soon

  10. vasantha
    try coral

  11. inspite of searching very very hard from 5 – 6 years, my sister is not able to find good boy. she is frustrated from this marriage problem.she lost hopes in the life. what to do sir. please suggest me

  12. vasantha
    give her flower remedies Gorse willow sweetchestnut

  13. sir, when i am driving the two wheeler or not only in driving while cooking also or making coffee i put salt instead of sugar, i loose my conscious, i feel very blind and sub conscious, after sometime or a day 1 or 2 i realise that, why it happened to me like this.

  14. malar
    take the flower remedy scleranthus chestnutbud 2 pils each three times a day for a month

  15. Dear sir,


    Sir my in-laws cook very tastily and different varieties of food . but i am a normal working woman and cook simple as i dont know varieties and no time to learn and n one to teach. Kindly suggest me some mantra or switch-word to chant while cooking so that the food gets tastier and my daughter and husband eats well . full stomach. and i am confidently cooking when guests come.

    Thankyou sir

  16. sreelu
    chant chicory gentian

  17. Hair growth

    Agrimony, Crab Apple, Curry leaves

    What is this ? I didn’t understand .. Someone PLS explain. Do we have to chant – agrimony crabapple curry leaves – as one switch word ?

  18. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr…

    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just
    wanted to say great blog!

  19. Pretty! This was a really wonderful article.
    Thanks for supplying these details.

  20. Respected sir
    Is there anything i can do to heal my fear of being cheated or failure of all my relationships….all relationships start really well but in 2-3months all guys loose interest in me!!!i dnt understand what goes wrong???how do i attract a wonderful genuine man who is in perfect harmony with me and truly faals in love with me???

  21. Neha
    Namaskar Naran Sir
    My daughter is 15 1/2 years old.Shes been suffering from trichotillomania for the past 4 years.I hv tried many methods of healing but to no avail.
    Please help as she’s going through depression due to this state n feels helplessness. She has her X grade board exams next month n due to this her anxiety has increased manifold.
    What can l do to help her urgently.
    In desperate need of help from you. Thank you.

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