Binding People Together


Harmony in Relationships

Emerald is the remedy which binds two people together. For husband and wife relationship Emerald is very important.

For harmony Emerald is the remedy. 

For any mediation Emerald is the remedy. Even though certain situations are unwelcome we have to reconcile and accept that situation, in such cases take Emerald.

Emerald is one remedy that can establish communication.

 “The Emerald chose her”, a case history

It happened in one of my gem remedy class. At that time, it so happened, that one person wanted to have all the remedies. But when she went to the sales counter to buy the remedies she could not get any other remedy except for Emerald.

Finally, she got Emerald and went home. In her bedroom on the side table next to her bed, she kept the remedy. Immediately, on keeping that Emerald there, there was a phone call from her husband, who was separated from her, for nearly 10 years. Immediately she phoned up to me and told me the news.

Life care

For any type of transactions, Emerald is to be taken.

For good digestion Emerald is the remedy. For gas problem also Emerald is to be given.

To increase the memory power of the children Emerald is the remedy.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran ji
    I am Yaamini from Madurai.Sharing my sister problem.Her daughter in law has taunting tendency towards her and always tries to let her down in front of her son.
    My sister is also upset because her daughter in law’s family keeps on interfering in their family matters and give wrong advice to daughter.
    My sister has struggled a lot in her life and now in old days she is upset because her daughter in law does not think favour able for her in laws.
    Kindly advice to make things favour able for family.


  2. ask her to chant I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. LOVE THANKS DIVINE daily 5oo times.

  3. sir!
    Can we chant emerald instead of using gem pills?iF so how to chant ?

  4. Hello Naran Sir, you are a great man and your blog is just wonderful ! Your switch words, bach flower and mantras are amazing … I am so lucky to come across your website.

    Thanks sir for your help to everybody seeking it . 🙂
    may God bless you always

  5. Sir, there are lot of conflicts and problems in my paternal family with my father and us. I want we have cordial relation with them though they don’t want to speak to us and keep cursing us.

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