Heal your Family Life through Gem Remedies

When marriage is delayed



Pearl and Nine Gems

Have a picture of Rabbit in the couple’s bedroom.

Become pregnant

Pearl it is very helpful.

Easy and normal delivery

1.       Diamond, Yellow Sapphire and Pearl: this combination makes the foetus grow well. Right through pregnancy this can be given.

2.       During the last three days of delivery, Ruby has to be given.

3.       Chant “Together Divine Yellow Sapphire”

Heal extra marital affairs

Chicory, Clematis, Crab Apple, (gem remedy) Coral

Have a good relationship with your husband,

Pearl and Emerald are the remedies. Even Yellow Sapphire has to be taken.

For any divorce proceedings

Ruby is essential. You have the thought, “I don’t want to face him”. They won’t come to you again. You will get separated easily.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir, I am facing a lot of problems from my husband . my husband earns litle but he spends more for ex he earns 10 rs but spends 20rs. he does not now the value of money, i am from middle group family we have stuggled a lot to earn money. i am also working he does not give even a rupee for his mom he takes my salary also for his enjoyment . i want him to be take the responsibility.let him now the value of money. he hardly gets 10 k per month but he needs avenger bike he does not want to work hard & earn money but he needs to enjoy.he is least bothered of me. he always care abt his sister son. he does nt like to get me anythg but he spends more to his sis son.

    Please help me what shud i do.

  2. MALA,
    CHANT WILDROSE HOLD OVER 100 times by holding a glass of water and give that water to him.
    you write ADJUST in a notebook 63 times.

  3. Sir, My brother has got married recently .the girl is torturing my brother so much. She is not sleeping properly in the night and fighting with my brother for sily things and blaming others and my parents . My brother is having very tough times not able to concentrate on work aslo . She is too much adamant. If we say something she will not listen . What she thinks only she will do. how much ever my brother cares her . But she complained a lot .Brother is facing so much depressed as there is no harmony in his life . Pls suggest any mantra or Remedy to solve this problem.Things are going very badly day by day.She is too much possesive as well.


  4. plzz sir guide me about my hair .. In childhood my hair were thick n long but since adulthood they have very thin .. i have sun weak in my birthchart n i also have hormonal problem ..plzz guide

  5. For us wearing a coral invited extra marital affair to my husband and I have suffered a lot. I do not know the exact reason but based on experience I noticed this and after removing the coral also it dint helped. It took almost 10 months to get back things in place. I think wearing coral creates high sex drive. Not sure.

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