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Is there any mantra to stop hair fall, strengthen hair and promote new hair growth?  I also want to know a mantra for spotless, glowing skin and which can stop pigmentation on skin.




I’m 22 yrs old married woman. Recently, I’m experiencing severe hair fall and my hair-line is receding. Being a woman I would love to have shiny, lustrous, thick hair.


  1. Take WALNUT CRAB APPLE the flower remedy, 4 pills, 4 times a day.
  2. Chant (gem remedy) BLUE SAPPHIRE daily 100 times.


What is Blue Sapphire?


Just chant BLUE SAPPHIRE. You need not know what it is. It is a gem stone. The stone is around Rs.15000/- Even by chanting you get the energy of the stone. The color it emits is helpful for hair growth.


I’m a woman too suffering from severe hair loss. I have a doubt. How can just by chanting blue sapphire we can get the power of the stone without wearing it?


All the physical matters have their counter parts in etheric world. E.g. if blue sapphire is the stone found underneath the earth, its counterpart should have appeared in ether “prior” to its formation. In other words, any physical matter is the child of etheric stuff. By repeating Blue sapphire, you are tapping the energy from the etheric world. Instead of wearing, you are getting the energy of Blue Sapphire. The energy only grows the hair.


Earlier when someone asked a mantra for hair loss, you told them to chant “OM PRAAM PREEM PROWM SAHA SHANAYE NAMAHA”. Can anyone chant this? In the net I found that this is a Shani (Saturn) mantra. How is this related to hair fall?


Either you can chant this mantra or Blue Sapphire. The gem stone belongs to Shani (Saturn).  If the hair fall is too much, one looks older. This is done by the afflicted energy of Saturn.  Hence the prayers to STOP the hair fall.  Praam means stop.


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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Res. Naran Sir,

    thank you very much for the mantra for hair growth. I eagerly want to know the mantra and/or the flower remedy for spotless and glowing skin and to stop pigmentation as it has already started on my hands and face. Thanking you in advance.


  2. Dear Sir Naranji
    Sir I like to know regarding Navratna ring .Which finger should it be worn male/female for both
    and what day of the month,week should it be worn are there any special days to wear it.Kindly reply.

  3. Dear Naran ji

    I am 43 years old .I was searching a solution for my acute hairfall and aging skin when i just stumbled on ur site..everythign i read seems sooo amazing ..its such a wonderful thing you r doing by guiding & helping everyone .
    I jsut read about this BLUE SAPPHIRE chant ..i feel very surprised to read about it and very excited to try it out …i already started chanting …i needed to know as to how long does it really show results coz this seems like a very miraculous cure to me ..does this really work ? and i wanted to confirm with u tht is this chant right for me ??

    I have one another issue might not seem like a problem to you but for me its a prob which i need to face and i m unable to do it ..I have a body which is perfectly normal and healthy the only problem which i hv since the age of 11 …is my big bulging thighs ( cellulite ),which look like two big mountains on the side of my legs …i hv tried alot of things but somehow my entire body reduces but these stay same differnce ..sometimes i feel tht this is a result of some past karma tht i hv to live with this disfigured shape..everywhere i go ..ppl look at me weirdly and i m not able to accept myself this way ..please guide me on this one too.


  4. poonam
    taek the flower remedies CRAB APPLE WALNUT ROCKWATER, PINE regularly for 6 months

  5. sandip chitrakar

    Sir i m having fungal infection in my scalp due to which my 80% of hair fallen.i m very frustrated. Is my condition related to saturn. Can i chant the mantra for regrowth of hair.plz help

  6. sandip,
    if there is fnungal infection consult a doctor to heal the infection.
    chant MOVE ON

  7. Sir I am 24 years old male from Punjab. Actually sir my problem is that from past few years I am suffering from excessive body hair and also hair fall from head. Pls pls suggest me any remedy to get rid of excessive body hair pls.

  8. How many times chant hair fall mantra and any other manta for glowing &whitening face

  9. Thx sir … May god bless you with a long and healthy life…. My mother is very happy now .. She started chanting.
    Thx sir …. 😀

  10. Sir,

    This is re my younger son who is 26 years. He is good looking but has had hair fall since the past 4 or 5 years. When he was about 16 or 17 years he had very severe acne. The dermatologist put him on Isotretinoin for 6 months. His ache has since cleared. His hairline is now receding. It upsets him and so keeps his head shaven often. We ( my husband, older son and I ) have abundant, lustrous hair. He is mostly vegetarian. Eats eggs occasionally.

    Please advice,

    Thank you,


  11. Dear Sir,
    This is about my brother, he has been trying for govt jobs and has taken many exams, although he passes with good marks but not getting nay calls. Please help me how to get him a job, i need a remedy which i can do on his behalf.

  12. Dear Sir,
    I”ve had dreadlocked hair for 5 years and I will cut it all off completely in one month. I’ve noticed that my new hair volume will be a bit thinner than it was before.
    What mantra is best to grow the hair back in between the dreadlocks to fill in where the hair was parted please?

    Thank you,

  13. 1. For how many days should I chant blue sapphire?

    2. May I use the gemstone name in my native language (which is not English).

    Thank you.

  14. gaurav saini

    I dont understand what do you mean by chant blue sapphire. It means that one has to speak the word ” Blue Sapphire” 100 times?

  15. Sir crab apple can also be used for handruff control??

  16. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  17. Great blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics discussed here?
    I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get responses from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest.
    If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Sir i am losing my hair from three years due to dandruff is any mantra to cure my hair loss and receeding hair lines

  19. This information is magnificent. I understand and respect your clear-cut points. I am impressed with your writing style and how well you express your thoughts.

  20. To Change white hair to black hair

  21. To remove the black March in the face

  22. U can contact me foe gems which give results foe Waltham and wealth

  23. I am 38 year old lady.

    I suffered from severe trichotillomania from age of 18-25 due to which I had bald spots.

    At 25 my hair was ok. But after 2 deliveries I had severe hair fall. Now my hair is very scanty n have hair fall too.

    Ayurvedic doctor says I have too much heat in my body.

    Kindly suggest remedy to have thick and long hair.

    Has my trichotillomania problem caused my hair roots to die out?

  24. Sir , as u have said above one looks old cause of saturn. Yes this is happening with me I look ten years elder to my age d cause of this my marriage is not getting fixed d having bad hair fall too. pls let me know can I chant blue sapphire to look young d to stop hair fall. Or what should I chant to look ten years younger as per my age. Thank you

  25. Sir Is there any mantra to convert thin hair to thick hair?

  26. Sir Is there any mantra to convert thin hair to thick hair? please help

  27. Naran sir please help me with a mantra that can convert thin hair to thick hair

  28. i would love to get some free calendars on the internet, are there are sites or company that gives one?,.

  29. Hello sir I want to increase my height upto 9 inches I am 5 feet now so plz tell me any switch words or healing code or anything

  30. Sir mere baal do muhe ho gye hein .pls mujhe splits ends ki remedy dein

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