Heal your relationships through gem remedies

Communication, mediation and reconciliation

When you want to make reconciliation with somebody and to re-establish a relationship: Emerald

If you haven’t received any communication from somebody (say for example after betrothal no communication for two days)    

Emerald: it will establish communication

Love pangs

Chicory, Coral

Immoral behavior

If there is immoral behaviour or infatuation is in a person, then it means salt content is more. Nsatrum.Mur 1 cm every week once, will remove infatuation. Even the gem remedy Coral can remove it.


You might say, “I find there is a mismatch in their relationship”. Why the other person is unduly influenced by their lover. If you give the Bach Flower Remedy Walnut, it will break the relationship, if it is unwanted. It is a link breaker.

In moment of his weakness, he would have accepted the love offer. If the girl is not good, give Walnut to the boy, he will come out of it. Also, add the gem remedy Coral to Walnut. If it is infatuation, both of them will come out of the relationship. They would have been thinking it is true love. If it’s not required, they will break out of it. If they are destined to marry, then it will happen as one has to undergo certain experiences. We can’t do anything about it.

Thus, for infatuation gem remedy Coral and Bach Flower Walnut will do the necessary healing.

Attract loving people

To attract only loving people: Holly, (gem remedy) Kunzite. Kunzite will open up the Heart chakra. Keyword for Kunzite is compassion. It’s a very costly stone somewhere between 5 to 10 thousand rupees. In addition, it is very difficult to get the right stone and it is rarely available in USA. But this is available as pills in the Bach Flower Study Centre, Chennai.

Relationships: improve, combine and form

Emerald: to form a relationship, it is the remedy. To solidify the relationship, Diamond is required. That’s why in Indian culture, Diamond is given importance. It builds the relationship and strengthens it.

For girls who are not married yet

Coral and Emerald

For guys who are not married yet

Diamond and Emerald


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Can Emerald be chanted to heal a relationship and renew communication with the person with whom the relationship is strained or is it compulsory to wear the gemstone ?

  2. My dad is influenced by my sister in law and my brother and probably my sister in law has done some black magic to acquire all the property from my dad.My sister in law has influenced my dad so much that he does whatever she says and does not listen to my mother also.My brother and my sister in law are doing this to have the business in their name and acquire all the property.They are also poisoning my dad against myself, my sister and my mom.
    My dad is listening to them and fights with myself ,my mom and my sister.My dad calls me and fights with me over phone too.
    I have stopped calling him but have very good relationship with my mom and sis.My brother and sis in law have spoilt my relation with my dad.So i do not talk to them much.
    Is there a remedy which i can do so that my dad listens to me always rather than my brother and sister in law and gives me and my sister equal share in his property and business?
    Please help me out sir.

    • you take the flower remedies BEECH HOLLY WILLOW WALNUT HEATHER, three pills of each three times a day for two months. you will find remarkable improvement in relationships. The bach flower remedies are available in all homeopathy shops

  3. Brilliant
    emerald can be used to heal a relationship. keep a picture of Emerald and paste the two persons photos or names on that.
    write emerald ………(write the names of the persons) in a notebook for 100 times. when you say Emerald, “unite” “renew” is the meaning.

  4. Dear Mr.Naran, please guide

    how to happily make the guy and guy’s family take a positive step for the marriage proposal with a particular girl ?
    and how to establish long lasting happy relationships with the family members and the boy so that both the families share a strong bond of love and respect for each other …. As it is going to be the first contact b/w the families … how to make it harmonious and peaceful !

  5. Hy Naran… you said Bach Flower Remedy Walnut will break the relationship, if it is unwanted. It is a link breaker. Can that be used if somebody would like to break the relationship when they are unhappy? What about if there is a third person involved? Can we use that to and how? Any suggestion? It’s that the person in this relationship is unhappy but doesn’t know how to break it with ease.

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