Sometimes a ring is a hindrance in a marriage

A couple wanted to have a child. Unfortunately the husband was a Marine Engineer. In general, he was away for at least 6 months in a year.

At the same time, he also wanted a promotion in his work. Naran told him that of the two, either he can get a promotion or have the child. He said he wanted to get a promotion first and then the child. He didn’t mind waiting for the child.

He was given Ruby pills. Within a couple of months, he got a promotion. But somehow he never could have a child. Either he was away for a long time, couldn’t get a leave or when he came come she was not in a position to have a conjugal relationship with him, due to her periods.

When he came again for consultation, Aran noticed a ring in his hand. He told Naran that after he got the promotion, out of gratitude, he bought a ring made of ruby stone. No doubt, he couldn’t meet wife in an intimate fashion. Neither could he get leave.

The Key words for Ruby is Separation.

Naran advised him to remove it first. His leave was extended for 15 more days the very next day. And within a few months, his wife was in a family way.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    My husband is wearing Bluse Saphire ring in his right hand middle finger since 12 years and says that things started gettingbetterafter he is wearing. I am wearing Daimond ring in my lef hand ring finer since 4 years. Also keeping Kunzite gemstone with me which you had given since 4 months.

    Is there any reasons behind all these me not getting Job also preventing my pregnancy ?

    Please advise.

  2. this involves another person; i cannot comment on this. Diamond anybody can wear.
    Kunzite will not give you any negative effect. it is a light pink stone meant to forgive and increase your love energy so that there is cordiality between you and your husband.
    Are you wearing this as a chain?
    How are you instructed to use?

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you ,
      I have not yet made the pendant but you had instructed me to keep it with me until I make one and use as chain.


  3. gomathy sureshkumar

    i am gomathy from chennai reading with great hope and interest all of your articles. i have lot of financlial problems due to my husband being unable to work because of 2 surgeries(brain and spinal). the surgeries have left him depleted both physically and mentally. kindly give me a solution to my financial problems and also if possible his health.

  4. For your husband give yellow sapphire and coral pills regularly. you can get them from the centre.
    For financial problem: write FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW for 120 times daily.
    chant lalitham sridharam, lalitham baskaram, lalitham sudharshnam

  5. Vijaya Mishra-Ingule


    I just happened to get through this blog. The bija mantras Lalitham Sridharam, Lalitham Baskaram and Lalitham Sudarshnam- do they really help.

    I alongwith my sisters have gone through lots of upheavel in our life. Especially in relationship matters whether personal or professional it has been pricky. Career and finance wise too we keep on struggling.

    I have had a love marriage. Before marriage my relation with my mom-in-law was very compatible. But post marriage it has worsened. More so because she is protective about my elder co-sister who feels inferior to me. My co-sis is a housewife and real niece of my mom-in-law. Even though I mean good, they keep pointing out one or the other criticisms on me. I am pregnant and all this is affecting me mentally and my relation with my husband. How do I work this out? I hv tried all my best to keep my in-laws happy but they are ever complaining about me.

    Secondly, my younger sister is looking out for a job for the past 2 years. She is very talented but neither she is getting any good job nor a suitable groom?

    My elder sister too has marital problems? She just delivered a baby girl. She is Mumbai and her husband is at Patna due to job? How can we get him transferred and what to do so that even my elder sister enjoys her married life.

  6. diamond kunzite will do no harm for you.
    search for solution within. Ask yourself “why am i not pregnant ?”
    Do you think you are 100% not responsible for your state of affairs?
    The divine is more intelligent than all of us. Surrender to the divine to get anything in your life.
    do not be obsessed about what you are not having. Think about what you have got so far from the Divine and Thank the divine for what all you got.When you are content and satisfied with the present, you will get what you want.
    Take the flower remedy Gentian and willow.
    Best of luck

  7. Nayana
    it is ok. nothing wrong

  8. Namashkar!
    Dear Sir Naranji ! Sir which switchwords and any method of yours make person involve in meditation.Though the person is religious but could not focus on daily meditation.The person always thinks to sit and maditate but would not. She just says short prayer ,donot sit with praayer book (as she should be doing according to her religion way) and read holy scriptures from the holy book of her religion. Is there any way to make person do the required subject. And also would like to know Why one Cant focus on maditation?Kindly reply.Thanks in Advance

    • ftrrs,
      allow this person to do in his way.
      Why no focus during meditation. The meaning of meditation is cultivation. You have to cultivate the habit of sitting and looking within. But from our childhood, we are trained taught to see outside through senses. The senses are out of habit always have a tendency to go out only.Everybody starts to meditate – as an escape route – after 40 years or so when there are too much of problems and worries.
      How to turn the 40 year old practice in one day. or one month.
      Practice ; practice is the only way to turn the mind inside.

  9. I really got into this post. I found it to be interesting and loaded with unique points of interest. I like to read material that makes me wonder. ThanksThank you for sharing this great content.

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