Heal a relationship


Can Emerald be chanted to heal a relationship and renew communication with the person with whom the relationship is strained or is it compulsory to wear the gemstone?


Emerald can be used to heal a relationship.

Keep a picture of Emerald and paste the two person’s photos or names on that.

Write “emerald ……… (write the names of the persons)” in a notebook for 100 times.

When you say Emerald, “unite” “renew” is the meaning.

Can we chant instead of taking pills?


Can we chant emerald instead of using gem pills? If so how to chant?


Chant emerald visualizing green color filling up yourself and others and the house.

Life situations that can be handled by Emerald

  • Girl who are not married yet: Coral and Emerald
  • For guys who are not married: Diamond and Emerald
  • Emerald is useful for communication
  • For mediation, Emerald is the remedy.
  • To increase the memory power of children
  • Emerald means transaction and therefore for any type of transaction
  • For good digestion, gas problem
  • Even though some situations are unwelcome, you have to reconcile and accept. To establish harmony, Emerald is the key.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    I visualized my name and my estranged friend’s name on a picture of emerald and in less than a day I already see progress. I did this once for about a minute and I didn’t write anything down.The person even suggested we meet soon. This is a 100 percent turn around. I was waiting for the other person to apologize but instead felt moved to contact them first. My pride was preventing my progress. It is suddenly very clear how my own negativity was contributing to this estrangement and that if I do not let go of my judgement towards this person we may estranged once again. In the past I would have been adamant on changing the person and situation. Thanks to you this time I know that makes things even worse. I think I can use some other technique to improve myself so as not to create this type of estrangement in my life again. I thank you as usual for providing SO many methods for healing. We are so blessed to have read even a page! Thank you.

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