Expansion By All Means

The Gem Remedy Yellow Sapphire

Though the color of gem is yellow the color emitted by it is blue.

Blue corresponds to throat chakra, which represents space. So for any throat problem, Yellow Sapphire is the remedy.

The key word for Yellow Sapphire remedy is expansion. If you want to expand your ability take Yellow Sapphire.

For business expansion – money or business growth, Yellow Sapphire is the remedy.

Remedy for abundance

Yellow sapphire is the remedy for abundance.

You take Yellow Sapphire, or write Yellow Sapphire on a piece of paper and look at it, you will get money immediately.

You can do one more thing, that is take Yellow Sapphire pills and chant “FIND COUNT DIVINE” looking at the figure Jupiter, to get money.

For teachers and lecturers Yellow Sapphire is the remedy.

Recovering from financial setbacks

For recovery what is the remedy?

Here, you want more money isn’t it?

So you have to take Yellow Sapphire by looking at Jupiter symbol and keep chanting FIND COUNT DIVINE.

Singer’s Care

For singers Yellow Sapphire is the remedy.

How does it work for singers?

For singers, to help them sing in a high pitch Yellow Sapphire has to be given.

For singers give Ruby and Diamond also.

Physical care

For any joint problem, Yellow Sapphire is the remedy.

For Shoulder and knee joints, give Yellow Sapphire and Nine Gems.

Any allergic condition also Yellow Sapphire is to be given.


If anybody is criticizing you, give him/her Yellow Sapphire.

To change a stingy person to flexible person, give him Yellow Sapphire.

To control anger you have to give Coral and Yellow Sapphire.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,just wanted to understand whether for allergic skin conditions eg urticaria,hives ,stings or cold sores..does yellow sapphire work well..or diamond + crabapple …sir,pls elaborate.
    Sometimes there is an allergic reaction to medicines..like rashes etc….how can this be tackled??many regards…..


  3. Dear Sir
    There is any gem remedy for tooth ( in Kannada they say ulka halloo ) without going to doctor medicine an all it curies by gem remedy. I don’t want to go to doctor sir.
    Please suggest me one remedy sir.

      • Thank U sir…..

        Please can you tel me any other mantra for her to stop falling & grow thick & long & white hairs becoming black hair.
        I am frustrated because my Mil will always be saying your hair is falling & from that my toilet got blocked like that so many things so

        Please can you suggest me sir.

  4. Dear Sir

    I am residing outside Chennai. Are these pills same as gem powders that we get from ayurvedic stores? Can we take these powders to get these results?

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