Taking Care of Your Children

Protection from Cold

Ruby, Pearl: if given regularly children will not get cold. Give these remedies after an attack of cold too.

Running nose

(Bach Flower Remedies) Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, Crab Apple, and (Gem Remedy) Yellow Sapphire

For immunity

Ruby and Pearl

Win competition

Yellow Sapphire, Coral

Children to listen to you

Son or daughter problem with mother; son to come to terms with you and if you want children to listen to you: take Pearl (or pray to moon) and Yellow Sapphire pills. If the child is not listening then it shows there is less motherliness in you. Take Pearl and develop your motherliness.

To increase the memory power of children


The son doesn’t stay at home

Blue Sapphire


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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    • santhanu,
      give the flower remedy walnut. two pills in a cup of water. give 1 spoon of that water two or three times a day.

  2. also, my 4 month daughter not taking feeds properly.please help

  3. Thank you Naran Sir.my daughter i son breast feeding.so can i chant or make a circle for her using walnut?

  4. santanu,
    give the remedy.

  5. Dear Naranji,

    I’m In India now, Puttur Karnataka. Will there be any course in bangalore anytime soon? I will be here for a month. My daughter Deetya who will be 2 yrs this November creates a lot of problem to eat. I can say doesnt eat at all. First bite itself she will say no no. Be it rice, cereals, fruits or biscuits. keeps in her mouth for about 30 mins and somtimes spits at the end. having a tough time. she is playful (hyperactive) but looks very weak. can see her bones these days. only thing she will have is milk. even at night she wakes up often and cries in fear. Is there any remedy? coming to chennai wouldnt be possible but i would love to meet u personally n get her treated. Mpreover i need to be patient i guess. I might go to bangalore in Oct 1st week? Are there any disciples of u there, from whom i can collect the remedy? can i collect the CDs from bangalore? Please let me know the address. Can i chant something for immediate solution? Thanking you, Divine Together.

  6. prajna
    chant ROCKWATER WILLOW for your daghter.

  7. Most respected sir,what is a good Bach flower remedy for runny nose,nasal congestion ,cough and cold in children.each change of season my child eventually has to be administered antibiotics…..you hv mentioned about walnut,crabapple etc….what is the dosage sir……thank you very much in anticipation……

  8. Rushrush,
    in addition, you have to give biosalts and gem remedies regularly for and escpecially during the change of season. get them crom the centre at chennai, by mailing yogashobana@yahoo.com

    • Thank you sir,will do……wanted to let you know sir and for the benefit of others as well..the harmony pills that had been sent by your centre is working wonderfully…we are also listening to the CDs-together divine and abundance everyday.there are definitely a lot of positive changes in our lives in all respects.Thank you sir……!!!!

  9. Dear sir.
    My daughter is 7 months old her fore head is litle big doctor has given aim medicine. .. and she is not putiing weight.please help me what shud I do.to for.my baby to put on weight


  10. What is meant by pills? We have to wear gems or keep it with us or drink water of using gems? Pls clear my doubt

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