Cure Your Cold and Allergies

Breathing problems

Inhale red and orange colors from Sun

Cold with running nose


Throat pain

Yellow Sapphire

Sore throat with running nose

(Bach Flower Remedies) Walnut, Crab Apple, White chestnut, and (Gem Remedy) Yellow sapphire

Whenever there is a severe throat problem

You can take Pearl, Yellow Sapphire

Sneezing and allergy cough

White Chestnut, Walnut, Crab Apple, Yellow Sapphire

Dust allergy

Yellow Sapphire

Any allergic condition

Yellow Sapphire

Allergic to smell

Yellow Sapphire, Walnut


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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    Thanks for your advice my visit to my mothers house was peaceful.I did the chanting throughout my visit THANKS ONCE AGAIN it was only because of your timely advice i could come back without any drama and confrontation from my brother and his wife.I am really have come in contact with you.My only wish now is that my mother should get respect and care from my brothers and let her live in dignity

  2. SIR ,
    you haDEAR d asked me to chant agrimony heather waterviolet holly hornbeam I am very grateful to you for my peaceful visit

  3. Dear Sir,Thank you so much for your guidance.Last month i had asked you about what to chant for finding a house nearby.And i chanted CERATO MIMULUS FIND DIVINE HOUSE and also REACH HOUSE DIVINE continuously.And sir,we found a house so near.It was a miracle .We had almost fixed a house as a compromise and for that,luckily we had not yet paid advance.Suddenly i got a call for this house and that too without a broker!I was also asking help from dear Wolf.I am v.grateful sir.Thanks again.

  4. Dear respected Sir,

    When you say yellow sapphire or pearl does it mean we need to take yellow sapphire pill or pearl pill available at homeopathy store?
    Please i need your kind clarification on this.

  5. DEAR SIR,
    Please suggest a remedy so that my mother is able to lead life with love and dignity and my brothers mend their ways and give her due respect

    THANKS can i do the chanting on her behalf she will not be able to say these words she only knows kannada


    Will do the chanting and keep you informed


  8. sir,
    i am an electronics engg student.i am not being able to understand the difficult concepts and even if i understand i dont remember them too long.i hav strtd ambika mantra along with keeping 398 under my pillow.also i will be ordering oak and mustard bach flower remedy.i really want to do well in my studies bt i am struggling. what would u suggest any gem remedy as well in my case n what would be d ideal switchwords to chant for me.thankyou

    • aadithya,
      daily take mustard oak chestnutbud. and tell me how well your ability to understand and learn has improved. Release all your anxiety and worry, till you start taking the remedies. remedies are tools of God

      • sir,
        i am starting as soon as i get them there a particular dosage or should i take one pill a day of three of them?

  9. aadithya,
    Each remedy is to be taken separately, one by one. Two or three pills of each thiree times a day.

  10. Dear Sir,
    My mom is suffering from tinnitus(ringing in one ear) since last 6 months…had ayurvedic treatment for it but it didnt help…allopathic doc said there is no problem but she has some swooshing kind of sound in one ear in an every hour or two……can u suggest any remedy?

  11. Ami,
    give her whitechestnut walnut heather regularly

  12. My son is working in semi govt . Office, recently his probation got over b7t he has not yet got his confirmation letter from his office . Is there any switch word to get his confirmation letter as early as possible ?

    His head of th e dept is a type of person, not co -operative with any of his collegues and find fault with everybody ,he is new to this office . Ppl working under him are not able to tackle him daily coz of his rude behaviour. Is there any switchword for this to change the atmosphere in the office. Everybody under him are not happy inthe office.

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