Solving Your Day-to-Day Problems


First you need clarity

We should get clarity to solve the problems. MOONSTONE gives you that. Peace will come. It works like Bach Flower CERATO and therefore you don’t ask opinion from others as you can take the decision by yourself and the solution lies within you.

The problem is too big to handle and you have a starting problem

Therefore, you don’t know how to proceed. Take RUBY then you will know where and how to start.

Then break the problem into small chunks

You have to break a big problem into small chunks, so that you can handle them individually and one by one: RUBY

May be it is an unsolvable problem

There is a problem you don’t know how to solve it: RUBY

In case you need necessary authority to manage it



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,

    What to do??

    Which mantra is best for solving major life problems??

    Chanting the word Ruby??

    or, Wearing Ruby??

    or Chanting any sun mantra – to get rid of problems??

    Thanks for your quick reply..


  2. Brilliant Mendez

    I have an independent house that i want to sell off fast.Have not advertised yet.Is there any switchword that i can use so that i get the desired price for my house and attract a lot of buyers?Thanks.

  3. Dear naranji,would love if my brother and sister start caring and respecting my parents…..also my brother’s marital life is not at all smooth….my sister is not getting married…..pls pls help….only I can do the chanting for all these problems…..awaiting your reply sir..!!!the issues are beyond what is mentioned…….
    Pls help us…..

  4. Recently there was an error on banks part while allocating interest between me and my husband.This caused misrepresentation in tax returns.Now mY CA says they will take up our case for scrutiny.My husbands friend told him the IT authorities really drive you crazy for even slightest flaws that they pick up.Also my husband has not kept proper records in the event of a scrutiny.Please suggest some switchwords so that the IT change their mind about this scrutiny for both me and my husband. Thanks.Your help is really appreciated.

    • mons,
      chant “AGRIMONY, BEECH, ROCK WATER, WATER VIOLET, CHESTNUT BUD” as many times as possible. Write this in a slip of paper and keep in in pocket, when talking to IT authorities.

      • Thanks.The first time my spouse submitted the explanatory letter however the officer requested him to send the CA.Now if I dont have to go and the CA instead asked to come would I chant the same.also can you expplain what each SW achieves?

        • mons,
          continue,“AGRIMONY,(to re-establish order without confrontation) BEECH,(to see the spirit of rules, instead og going by letters) ROCK WATER,(to release any restiction) WATER VIOLET,(the officer to condescend) CHESTNUT BUD”(to bring out the truth)

  5. Naran,

    I have a deadline to make by this Friday and the account is over run by $127K, it needs to be cleared off before the end of the Fiscal Year which is this Friday, August 31st, 2012. The Treasury Department wants me to come up with a solution before the end of the day or I will not get paid the following payday. I am just an accountant working from the Finance division but the account is managed by the Program Coordinator and I have no control over personnel charges to the account. My fear is that it will ruin my reputation and my name in the government and it will cause me shame. I need to come up with a solution to solve this problem and in the meantime take as a lesson learned in the process. I just took over the account last December and I am new to Grants Management. Please I need help urgently.

  6. Mark

  7. My husband smokes a lot s their any chant to stop smoking,
    Ability to earn money he earns but it is nt sufficient for him give him a ability to work hard & success to his life

  8. Roopa,
    When there are flowers,- you have been using them – why do you need a mantra?
    since you have asked i will give one which you chant over a glass of water and give him.
    why should one work hard?
    Let him work minimum and earn maximum !
    Give him ELM OAK OLIVE regularly.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I need one more help my brother works for one travels from past so many years he is trying to take a new vechlcle ( Tempo traveler) for his own & make his own travels but he is not able to do , he is working hard but he is not able to do . he gets angry very fast. can i help him out we are not finacial sound also. My dad is a heart paitient my works as aya in a school. we cannot affor him Can you help him to succeed

  10. Dear Sir,

    I need one help i am married & working girl in want to help my mom giving the amount. but i am helpless because my husband is not willing to give do you have any mantra so my husband can help my mom to give money

  11. Sir,

    This is urgent..My wife Kshama is down with paralysis of right side, due to blood clot in left brain all of a sudden since last saturday..

    What to do?? she is admitted in the hospital ICU for treatment..she cant speak for anything she needs in the ICU.. her left hand is engaged with glucose drips hence she can not even give a signal for urine pot…which is quite embarrassing for her and for us too..being she in the ICU, myself or anybody is not allowed to be by her side..

    Any mantra which can be chanted on behalf of her, which helps her to get out of this critical situation..that she regain health soon??..

    hope you will reply to this ASAP…

    Thank you, Sir!!

    sir, she again had a stroke on the same place of left brain.. and again admitted to the hospital on 8th of september, and i am in need of some divine help as medicines are continue but some extra support is badly required..kindly reply to this mail considering SOS message…thank you!!!!


  12. Vikram

    After coming out of icu give her cardorium plus a herbal tonic which wipes out any clot any where in the blood vessel. It is manufactured in Hyderabad. give this for two months.

  13. sir, i had given money to one of my friend when he was in problem he told he will return before my sis marriage but he did not return i am calling him he is not picking if i go to his place also i am not finding him. he is not responding for anything. How can i get my money back, Pls help me what can i do for this,

    • Manju,
      Write your name and his name in a paper. Draw a circle around the names. Draw one more circle around the first circle. There will be a gap between two circles. in the gap, write CENTAURY CHICORY GORSE ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD. keep the paper in your hand and chant the names of thsoe remedies for 100 times.
      Take another paper and write TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE.
      Keep it under your pillow

  14. Dear Sir,

    I want to purchase Tempo Traveler & start my own travels. I am working hard for that but i am not able to purchase. When ever i plan to purchase some or the other factor is stooping me to purchase.I want to get settled please guide me what can i do to gain both.

    Please help me sir…………….

  15. Manju

  16. Sir,
    I and my 2 kids need your help. Maybe God has given me this way as a light in darkness. I’m married for 11 years now. I’m blessed with 2 kids. I DOnt want to say negative about anything and anyone because i feel everything happens as God’s wish. But now i’m really tired of all that i’ve been bearing from last 11 years. I’d never taken any step just because i dont want my kids to suffer. Husband is very abusive and his father is extremely greedy and manipulative. WE are living in their home. Whenver anything wrong, even small also happens, my husband calls my parents and tells me to pack my bags and leave his house. In first few years, i was reluctant because i loved him and i thought i wont be able to live withou him. Moreover, i dont want to take any step that may affect my kids. But now this has become a habit. Always he blames me for bringing kids in life and tells me to leave the house. I feel very insecure and helpless.
    I was working till june 2012, however, just in hope that things will be ok i’d left my very good and well settled job. This was when he joined a new job and was transferred to another city. but within few months, he forced his transfer back to delhi and here i’m again , jobless and insecure.

    Please help me Naran sir. I’m looking for some hope in my life. please show me a way so that i may not be dependent on them. Please tell me a remedy so that i can get a job and a house where we can live with peace. I’m a god fearing person, and still m hopeful that maybe sun will shine on me. But really sometimes i feel like ending my and my kids lives. I’m all alone… with absolutely no support. parents are there, but i dont want to bother them in their old age.

    If possible, please dont post this in the common blog and reply me with your help. I’m waiting for your reply.


  17. Geet,
    chant gentian larch cat’s eye.
    download a picture of cat’eye (gem) and keep it under your pillow

  18. Naran sir,
    Thank you so much. I started chanting “gentian larch cat’s eye ” and there is a positive change in me. Iam now less upset of whatever has happened. One more miracle which happened is that my husband has started saying that he has done big mistake to have come back. Actually this department is very messy and the earlier profile was very good. He is saying that he wants to shift back to previous department only. I have no reaction on all this because already I have staked too much.
    Is the any remedy for again getting an opportunity somewhere outside, maybe in India or abroad and no returning back here again. Our current financial condition is such that buying a new house in single salary will be difficult and four people living in single room is becoming very difficult for us and growing kids. Earlier I was relieved when we moved out, that’s why I took such a big risk.

    If we again move out permanently, maybe things will be better. Please bless us with a mantra or switchword to get any opportunity abroad and settle there. I’d read in one of your blog about writing PUNARVASHU in a square and praying to sun god. I did that. Please suggest some cd which I can buy online to settle easily and get house

    Thanks in advance sir.
    Hare Krishna.
    God bless u always naran sir

  19. Thank you so much Naran Sir. I’ll chant “mustard find” and will tell you about the results.

    Thanks for your showing the way in darkness.. I’m feeling very good, 🙂 as if i’ve already got job and house somewhere out from this place.
    I’m not the kind of person who would want to let her in-laws be alone in the old age, but since I don’t have any support and now my kids need some more space to live.. I want to leave and move on.
    I dont know how much time it will take to get settled with my kids and husband along with my desired belongings, but my present feeling are very very good. Especially after i’ve started chanting gentian larch cat’s eye, as suggested by you.

    Naran Sir, Though i’m very small in front of you to bless u, but i sincerly request my krishna to bless u with bountiful happiness today always and forever… May you smile always.:).

    Hare Krishna!

    Thank you Krishna, 🙂 for sending me in Naran sir’s guidance..
    Love u krishna, please bless Naran sir..


  20. Naran ji,
    I’ve given both the interviews. Shall i continue previous only mantras. I’ve been chanting both these mantras continually. Kindly help!

    Hare Krishna!

  21. Naran Ji,
    I have again come. I am a bit upset. I was not getting calls from companies But recently I’d got call and even given interview in one reputed MNC where i had cleared 2 phone interviews + a technical written test of 2 hour duration. I Cleared the written test which was very difficult however, i did not get through the final round. I’m feeling really bad that I’ve reached till the end and then got rejected. Kindly help me . Please suggest mantra or switch word so that i can get a job in a good organization soon. Feeling really helpless!!! 😦
    Waiting eagerly for your kind and divine reply.. pls help me!!

    Hare Krishna!!


  22. GEET,
    CHANT sweetchestnut rockrose chestnutbud wildrose

  23. we want to sell our flat at good price… can i chant cerato waterviolet chicory find divine buyer….

  24. ab
    cerato waterviolet chicory find divine buyer give count now.

    • sir when i got this reply from you ..with in few hours my husband tell me that buyer is ready to pay the amount that we expect…thank you sir..

  25. sir we have some bank issues.. there is some mistake in bank interest…because of that excess interest we have pay more money.. now we are talking to bank authority…. they are telling to draft a letter..that they willl send to main head office.. we want to solve this problem as soon as possible.. ..pls help sir..

  26. pk

  27. Please help me. My current salary is very bad not even close to 10,000. I am feeling guilty that I am not capable to look after my parents. With this I have a very bad unexplained health situation none of the doctors are able slove it from past 8 years. Please tell me what to do show me the way.

  28. Sir, I have read lot many views of people and ur recommendations given to them to solve their problems…presently m having 2-3 problem together likewise m working to get govt job to get stability in my finances and secondly me & my friend wants to be together we tried so much to convince our family but due to intercast problem we failed ..i want to be financially secured and help my parents and wants our both parents bless us and support us to get marry happily and love remains forever in between us.. I hope u will answer …..thanks

  29. Presently he is in USA and I m in India…..waiting for the miracle and ur blessings

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