Instructions to use Gem Remedies

Using Gem Remedies

You can do one of the following:

1.       Chant the name of the remedy.

2.       You can keep the picture of the remedies in your pocket. Download them from internet or the picture is available in the Bach Flower centre).

3.       Likewise you can do the same for the planet referred by the gem stone.

4.       Daily pray to the Gem stones or the planets represented by them.

5.       You can also write their names daily in a notebook for certain no of times.

6.       Write the names of these gem remedies in a slip of paper and carry the paper always with you. Look at it now and then.

7.       While sleeping, keep the paper under the pillow.

All these techniques are quite effective. However, for chronic life situations and long-standing problems, you need to take the remedies in the form of pills, for better and quick recovery. You can buy the pills from the centre.

How long and how many times to chant?

Till you get what you want. Or you can stop when you come out of the present (state of mind)

Instructions for chanting gem remedies

Just repeat the remedy name, for example, ‘PEARL’ any number of times, whenever possible. Repeating the name of the remedy is chanting.

Combining remedies from different healing methods

Both Gem remedies and Bach Flower Remedies can be combined – both in pills form and in chanting. In general you can combine remedies from different healing methods in the form of chanting. They work like Switch Words then.

Writing the combination in a notebook

You can write (in multiples of) 21 times/day in a notebook for (multiples of) 21 days.

Preparing remedy water

Hold a glass of water. Chant the remedy name, for example RUBY, for 100 times. The Ruby water is ready now.

You can sprinkle the water at home/office or to drink the water yourself or give to others.

Create an atmosphere of remedies

Take the required remedies, each 3 pills as a combination in a glass of tumbler. Keep it where you want healing to happen. The next day, thank the remedies. And again keep fresh remedied water.

Taking pills – instructions

1.       Buy the Remedy pills from the centre.

2.       Put pills from each remedy in a bottle of 300 ml water. Allow them to dissolve.

3.       Take the remedied water in small sips, throughout the day after shaking the bottle vigorously for a few times, when you take.

4.       Every one or two hours, take a sip from the bottle.  

Using circle technique

1.       Write the name of the person(s) or the situation to be healed in a piece of paper.

2.       Draw a circle around the name/situation.

3.       Draw one more concentric circle.

4.       In between each gap between circles, write one remedy.

5.       Keep the paper with you.

6.       See it in the morning and evening

Healing others

For healing others, take a piece of paper, write the name of the person and place the photo of the required gem remedy over that.

Chanting for others

Can I chant switch words to help others? Yes. Write the name of the person in a piece of paper. Keep it in the left hand. Place your right hand on the left hand and chant the required gem remedy name(s).

Can I wear the stones in the form of ornaments?

Do not wear all these stones. Every stone has a specific purpose. Diamond and Emerald can be worn by all. Ruby must be used very carefully. In a family Ruby should not come because the key word is – break. Ruby should not be worn in the body permanently. Once in a while if you wear it is ok.

Don’t buy stones as they are expensive

All the gem remedies can be kept as pictures. Please do not buy gems as it will cost you a minimum of ten thousand rupees and that also you should not wear it continuously. So why should invest so much money.

Let us say, you are in debts. An astrologer tells you that guru is not in a good position. So you wear Yellow Sapphire. However, if you wear the gem Yellow Sapphire continuously your debts will increase. 


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,
    No amount of words is enough to thank you for your wonderful service.
    My husband has been recommended to wear blue sapphire and emerald but he does not believe in wearing the gemstones.
    So as per your article is it sufficient if i take printout and keep them in my bedroom will that be effective.
    Or should i buy the required pills and give it to him.Please tell as nowdays he seem to be in depression since he is not happy in his career.
    please suggest what i should do.

  2. Dear Naran Sir

    With your divine help which i chant for my husband, i can see he’s getting good response like chant for him “Gentian wild oat” and “Ravi Kiran” . I want him to settle asap to set up his own training centre and for that he need amount of money to do. What i can chant for him so that he can start without any obstacle.

    Thank you in advance

  3. Sharitha
    TAKE A PRINTOUT AND KEEP. yes you can keep the pictures in the bedroom

  4. Dear Sir,

    I was told that at present my nephew and I are under the influence of the planet Sani. I am also going to the temple every Sat and burning the black sesame bundle with oil for both of us. What else can I do in terms of gem remedies and bach flowers? Also is it ok for me to do for my nephew as he is only 6 yrs old.


    • SManikkam
      Don’t worry about your nephew. He is only 6 years old. Nothing will affect him.
      Take the flower remedy MUSTARD daily two doses of three pills each. This will help you. Mustard will give light, wherever there is darkness. shadeshani is based on your birth star. The moon represents mind and when it is under the influence of saturn, a dark cloud is formed over the Moon(mind). Mustard will lift off this cover.

      • Thank you sir,

        But if I am unable to get the flower remedy, can I just chant the word Mustard?. Also was told that if one sleeps with a black cloth bundle filled with black sesame seeds under the pillow on one Sat and then burn that bundle the following Sat, this will reduce the Sani effects. Will that help too?


  5. Dear Naran Sir

    I also under influence of the planet sani 7 1/2 year, just started.
    What i can chant for me and my son who’s under 2 1/2 Asthami sani.
    No flower remedy available here.

    Thank you in advance

    • cj
      Take the flower remedy MUSTARD daily two doses of three pills each. This will help you. Mustard will give light, wherever there is darkness. shadeshani is based on your birth star. The moon represents mind and when it is under the influence of saturn, a dark cloud is formed over the Moon(mind). Mustard will lift off this cover.

  6. SManikkam
    I dont know anything about burning seasame seeds etc., you have asked a question. i answered you. Remove all your fears. pray to shani. dont do anything in panic. good only will happen to you during this period. if you want MUSTARD, buy from our centre. write to

  7. sir,would you suggest gem which will cure tremors,high b.p.,anxiety and gastritis in your blog .b.dash..

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