I am in Command

Vasu has been running a vegetarian hotel for the last few years. He is soft spoken and friendly. Unfortunately this is misused by his staff. Whenever they feel like they would take leave without notice and put his in problems.

He was asked to take Ruby pills to manage his staff and workers. He also placed a picture of Ruby in his cash box and used to see the Ruby picture daily.

He made some sweeping changes within a few days, including replacing long-time personnel who took leave often and who also created a sense of insecurity among the workers.

 Now Vasu feels he is in a commanding position.

Ruby represents Sun, which is the required energy to be a leader. Please note here, Vasu was advised to take the pills only when he was working in the hotel and not in the house, as Ruby will “separate”.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    After reading your website and blogs, I have gained some hope. I really really need your help. Please help this housewife!

    Iam a normal person who goes about dealing with her day to day life. I take care of my house, my kids, husband etc and do my household chores. I was in very good sound mental health when I was working in the office but i have noticed that since I am at home alone for most of the days and dont ever socialise anymore which is a sharp contrast from the very fast moving, friendly, happy go lucky life and big money making(earning) life I had……I have been developing bad negative thoughts. For eg. if iam removing the mixer/grinder form the cupboard i visualise that my finger is getting chopped in it. If my Kids run around vrey fast in the house or the park, I see them falling and getting hurt. I keep getting thoughts that my parents slip n fall down n break their bones etc all the time. I am sick n tired n tormented by constant negative thoughts which keep coming in my mind. I used to be a very positive person. A very happy perosn who would keep giggling about n make jokes.
    People would come to me to help solve their depressions or worries n now today I am negative negative negative in my mind. I tried using the “cancel cancel” afirmation when negative bad thoughts come but it has made no difference what so ever.

    Please please help me. I just want to be a happy person n worry free!
    Thanking you in anticipation!


  2. 1. Meena,
    only bach flower remedies will help you.
    Take Aspen redchestnut Rescue Remedy and walnut. Buy the pills from any homeopathy shop.
    put 6 pills of each in 200 ml water and have small sips from that water every two hours from morning to night.

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